Comments from Patients

The following are comments taken from our Patient Satisfaction Surveys and are used with the patient’s permission. The dates are the dates we received the surveys.

Thanks for getting me in the day I called. Only God knows the pain I was in! Everyone was so nice. It felt good not being just a #. Thanks for caring. PJ 5/25/17

I have absolutely no complaints! CT 5/16/17

Your staff is wonderful! Dr. Miller, you made me feel safe-which is a good feeling. 5/10/17

Everyone was wonderful during all visits and procedures. It was nice to get a call from Dr. Miller to check on me later after going home. You have a very caring, friendly, and professional team. Thank you for everything! KK 5/3/17

You did great in everything. AE 4/28/17

Everything and everyone was wonderful. Thank you all for everything. ZO 4/19/17

I was comfortable and couldn’t have ask for a better staff. SD 4/10/17

I would recommend your office to others. We were treated very well by everyone in the office. I was very impressed that Dr. Miller called to check on Brandi himself not just someone from the office. BC 4/1/17

Had a very enjoyable experience with you all. Was very impressed that Dr. Miller called Monday to check on how I was doing. Made me feel like he really cared 🙂

Everything went well as far as my daughters visit and surgery at your office. Everyone was friendly and courteous. AS 3/25/17

1. I was pleasantly surprised that my final bill was less than I had been quoted. 2. What a caring gesture for Dr. Miller to call at night to check on a patient! 3. Everyone in the office is very professional. 4. I will certainly recommend Dr. Miller in the future. MS 3/15/17

The surgery went so well. It was like I never had anything done. Thank you for a great job. SR 3/5/17

Everything was great. Office was neat and clean, as well as the staff was friendly and accommodating. I really loved Dr. Miller going out of his way to call my husband later that evening, after his surgery. Definitely will refer people to this office! Thanks again! JH 2/6/17

My office visit from beginning to end was exceptional! I will refer Dr. Miller and staff to anyone I know that needs dental care! The call back after hours by Dr. Miller was a surprise and just one more thing that made my overall experience bearable. Great after care 🙂 CT 2/3/17

Wish my house was as clean as your office. Thank you all! BC 2/2/17

Kelly was so scared prior to the procedure and she really appreciated Dr. Miller and Allegra talking to her prior to going to sleep. Everyone was very nice and professional. Thank you so much. KE  01/31/17

Dr. Miller, Trina, and Sara were amazing! So kind, understanding, and extremely patient! MA 11/14/15

Was very pleased with Sara staying with me and being patient with me during my recovery. Even though it took forever for me to come to she never rushed me in any way.The followup call from Dr. Miller was surprising and very pleasant. He showed he really cares about his patients! Thank you Dr. Miller and staff for everything!KR 11/14/15

Thank you so much for such the personal attention I was given. Everyone was extremely friendly and cared about me as a patient. As always Dr. Miller and staff do a great job! Thank you! RM 10/29/15

Great staff and doctor DL 10/26/15

A special thanks to each of you for the thoughtfulness and kindness shown to me in your office. You are a great professional team! Keep up the good work! Best Wishes and Happy Thanksgiving. MA 10/17/15

Thank you for caring and being so professional and caring. Very happy with treatment. Other offices could learn from you. AR 9/21/15

Dr. Miller and my nurse, can’t remember her name, were very good. Couldn’t have had better care. Thanks again. GT 9/17/15

Sara was very friendly and professional. Dr. Miller is the best dentist on this side of heaven. The office is always clean and comfortable. SK 9/14/15

Sara was awesome! MT 9/13/15

Dr. Miller, you and your staff are the most professional group I have ever been to. Keep on keeping on. LR 9/11/15

Love the staff at Dr. Miller’s as well as the doctor. Excellent work. CL 9/7/15

Great Job CP 9/2/15

Very pleasant experience. thank you JS 9/1/15

I was very pleased with the office of Dr. Miller! Dr. Miller and his exceptional staff made my experience a pleasant one. Thank you so much!! DD 8/29/15

Dr. Miller is wonderful and caring! RL 8/15/15

We are very appreciative of Dr. Miller calling to check on me the evening after my surgery. Most doctors/dentists/oral surgeons overlook this aspect of aftercare. Thank you. Your call really means a lot. DT 7/1/15

I was  very comfortable and everyone was very patient with me while I was coming out from anesthesia. SR 6/25/15

Dr. Miller was very caring and helped my son feel comfortable during this surgery. Dr. Miller went above and beyond to call himself and check on my son at 8pm the night of his surgery. That shows he truly cares. Thank you! LB 6/25/15

Everyone was wonderful. JB 6/13/15

Never had better care. LE 6/12/15

I would just like to say thank you so much for a very nice experience during a scary procedure. I was very relaxed and made very comfortable throughout the whole process. Thanks again to all the staff. Would recommend your services to all. DB 6/7/15

Dr. Miller thank you so much for helping me! Sarah was the surgical tech and stayed late with me. She was wonderful? EL 6/7/15

Sara was very compassionate when caring for my daughter. Thank you Sara! KL 6/1/15

The staff always made me comfortable. They are very pleasant and professional. MK 5/25/15

Dr. Miller- you and your staff were wonderful to me. I was scared to death, but you took care of that and things went well for me. I truly thank all of you. CL 5/21/15

I would recommend your services. Very well pleased. JP 5/18/15

This is my second surgery with Dr. Miller and I am extremely satisfied with my care. GD 5/10/15

Your follow up call was very rewarding. GC 5/4/15

Thank you for being so kind and friendly. LB 5/2/15

The treatment from Dr. Miller’s staff and Dr. Miller made the visit very comfortable. DW 5/1/15

Thanks Dr. Miller, despite the pain you made me comfortable. Thank you so much. Jesus blessings to you and yours. PM 5/1/15

Everyone was very kind and helpful. Really appreciated the follow up phone call. Thank you! CC 4/20/15

All the staff was awesome. I love yall! Very clean, professional, and caring.  SJ 4/19/15

We appreciated Dr. Miller’s call to see how we were recovering. That’s where we’ll go if we need other dental surgery. GO 4/17/15

Everyone was very pleasant to talk to and they put me at ease. Thank you all. GG 4/09/15

This was the second time we came to you and its always great service and very nice people. Thank you so much. DA 4/8/15

I can’t remember all the names of your staff. Everyone of them were very helpful. Helps to take the fear out of oral surgery. RH 4/4/15

Very professional and caring. ND 4/4/15

It was a great experience. Beautiful job. Keep up the great work. Such a fun day I had getting my teeth pulled. AC 4/2/15

I was both surprised and pleased when Dr. Miller called me himself to see how I was doing. Thank you. PP 4/2/15

Everyone was so nice and put my mind at ease. Very friendly people 🙂 AH 4/2/15

I believe everything was done on the highest level of professionalism. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs them. DP 3/28/15

You guys were great as always. JH 3/23/15

Very good people there. ET 3/21/15

I was pleased with the friendly and courteousness of all the staff that I came in contact with. I was extremely pleased. Dr. Miller explained the entire procedure and even used his own personal time to call and check on me. I was very impressed! I would highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone needing his skills. SR 3/21/15

Your entire staff was great. You were all very kind and caring. You are a great dentist. I’ve never had such an easy and painless dental procedure. JC 3/21/15

Thank you for being so nice 🙂 TM 3/20/15

I appreciated Dr. Miller telling me step by step what he was doing. PD 3/20/15

The extraction went much more easily than expected (and was relatively painless). It was healed very quickly. WG 3/18/15

Everyone was happy and courteous. AJ 3/16/15

Dr. Miller, your the best, and thank you for your courtesy, respect, and great care. 🙂 LD 3/16/15

Dr. Miller is a wonderful and compassionate dentist! Everyone was super great. AW 3/14/15

It was very comforting to be in a christian office. GJ 3/13/15

I love this dentist office. Dr. Miller is the best dentist . Me and my kids will always come back. CW 3/11/15

I was at ease and as comfortable as could be expected. DK 3/7/15

He was very informative and supportive. Could not ask for a better doctor to extract my tooth! SB 3/7/15

We will not hesitate to see Dr. Miller for all of our families’ needs for an oral surgeon. Will recommend to others! Everyone was awesome. AC 2/28/15

I was so impressed with how kind everyone was. I’ve never been to an office before where everyone made me feel so comfortable. KG 2/27/15

Everyone in the office was very nice to me and especially Dr. Miller. He made me feel calm and is a very kind man. I will recommend him to anyone who needs his service.

In my opinion, Dr. Miller is a class “A” dentist. He made me feel very comfortable through the whole surgery. Also him being a spiritual man was very important to me. It gave me confidence in his abilities and I was less stressed. I would recommend Dr. Miller to everyone. MR 2/23/15

I’d like to thank all of you. You were so nice and the girls up front were so sweet and I loved their smiles. MM 2/23/15

Great visit! Everyone was wonderful! AG 2/22/15

Dr. Miller and his staff talked to my child and explained what was going to happen to him. Others just talk to the parents and act like the child is not there. My son was very scared when we went in but after they talked to him he calmed down and took it much better. Dr. Miller and his staff were amazing! I will not take my children anywhere else!!! Dr. Miller called us to check on him the same night and I was surprised. I have never had a doctor do that. He is fast, caring, and I am so glad we went there. The staff is just as amazing. WS 2/21/15

Dr. Miller was gentle. He explained what he was going to do before the procedure and reassured me during the procedure. WH 2/17/15

I always feel like you care about ME when I am in your care. You never seem to be in a hurry to get to the next patient. I always feel that you will do what’s best for me and my problem. Thanks. KH 2/15/15

Everyone was very nice! Thank you. LT 2/15/15

I really appreciated the respect and courtesy shown to me. The staff was not condescending at any time. CP 2/15/15

We were impressed with the service. TD 2/12/15

You are very professional and caring and so is your staff. I’m glad there are people like you who can remove a tooth when other dentists say their not comfortable or their not touching my teeth. CH 2/6/15

We really appreciate your care and concern as a doctor to follow up with the phone call to check on my son! You will be highly recommended by us in the future. KY 1/29/15

You were so good to me. I was very uptight but you calmed me down. The patting on my shoulder during shots and surgery really helped. You know what you are doing. MG 1/24/15

Dr. Miller is a fine doctor, very courteous and friendly Thank you for such great care. MB 1/24/15

Everybody was super! DL 1/24/15

I was so pleased with my care and treatment. I have recommended you to my facebook friends, church, and newcomers club! I had absolutely no pain after surgery. As much as I stress going to the dentist, the staff and Dr. Miller were great in keeping me calm! GE 1/22/15

I was very impressed with Dr. Miller calling to check up on me that evening. DK 1/21/15

Very professional. CP 1/19/15

I thank the medical staff and Dr. Miller. You all were so very nice. God Bless all of you. Thank you so very much. WD 1/18/15

Thanks for caring and friendliness. Nothing but positive thoughts about your business. CH 1/17/15

You all are great! You and your staff were polite and very professional. I felt safe and satisfied. Thank you so very much for your care. SB 1/16/15

Everyone make you feel at ease! NT 1/15/15

I was very pleased with my care and quick healing. TY 1/12/15

The tech did all she could to see to my comfort. She even rolled towels to relieve my back. In spite of my difficult veins, I was very impressed with all aspects of my care. PW 1/11/15

Excellent care. RP 1/11/15

Dr. Miller is a great surgeon. EL 1/11/15

Emily is usually very scared in these situations and Dr. Miller and the staff all made her very comfortable and she was the bravest I’ve ever seen her. I could not have asked for better care of my daughter. Thank you all very much. 🙂 EH 1/9/15

Your office is very appealing and attractive. You and your staff are very professional. BS 1/8/15

The love, concern, and care you give to each patient really stands out and surpasses all others. Cannot thank all of you enough. LJ 1/2/15

This whole experience was very good, start to finish. Every single person I interacted with was courteous and helpful. Thank you for taking care of me so well! JH 1/2/15

I have referred my friends and family to the office/Dr. Miller for dental work. LK 1/2/15

Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was nervous about my surgery, but the nurse and Dr. Miller made me feel comfortable and well taken care off. CL 1/2/15

We were very pleased with the staff and doctor during our visit. Thank you! DC 1/2/15

You were very professional and courteous. My experience was great considering I had to have a tooth pulled. However, I had absolutely no pain before or after and all I had was a local. Thank you. RR 12/22/14

Everything is unbelievably great! PC 12/21/14

You all are great! 🙂 GS 12/21/14

Very friendly staff and most comfortable office. I’m sorry for not remembering the receptionist’s name. However, both she and Sara were very friendly and seemed to enjoy their work. Both wished me a Merry Christmas which was very nice. SH 12/19/14

Dr. Miller and Trina made me feel like they were really concerned about me. Having my tooth worked on is my biggest dread and they both helped me feel more comfortable. BW 12/07/14

Extremely satisfied with everything! KB 12/07/14

I truly appreciated Dr. Miller personally calling to check on me that evening. I will speak very highly of this office and staff to anyone I know that needs oral surgery. Thank you. CH 12/05/14

Thank you all! We love Sara and are fond of our new best friend forever! Dr. Miller is always very sweet and kind. All of the office was very nice and helpful. BF 12/05/14

The staff is professional but also down to earth! I love it that they are God loving folks! Trina is great 🙂 JR 11/27/14

I appreciated Dr. Miller calling the next day to see how I was doing from the procedure. PA 11/23/14

Very impressed. Felt like I mattered. Final bill was less than estimate-much appreciated. SM 11/20/14

I was comfortable, relaxed, and very at ease. I was worried, more afraid, due to a very stessful year of medical hardships. This was the easiest of all things I’ve been through this year. Thanks. MB 11/15/14

Very pleasant in office experience. JT 11/14/14

Thanks for being so kind. PP 11/13/14

Very impressed that Dr. Miller called after the surgery to check on me and answered my questions. EH 11/10/14

Thank you for allowing another dentist and his staff to visit and assist. Your technique and skills are excellent and a gift from God. Thank you. LB 11/10/14

Impressed Dr. Miller called on a Saturday to check on my condition. Also, impressed with the reasonably quick healing. CM 11/09/14

Everyone was very nice and down to earth. AS 11/09/14

I thank God and my husband for encouraging me to get done what needed to be done. Stay just as compassionate as you are! EC 11/08/14

I was impressed with after hours phone call by Dr. Miller. RG 11/08/14

Thank you so much for extracting the tooth at first visit! Much appreciated! Less stress for our Charlie boy is always helpful and means alot to us! Thanks everyone for your kindness!! CM 11/06/14

Most professional office I’ve ever been in. Everyone was great. Thanks. BC 11/06/14

Everyone was very friendly and professional. AY 11/06/14

Dr. Miller was very nice. It was very thoughtful of him to call and check on me later in the day. JD 11/2/14

Best experience I’ve ever had!! It was a true pleasure to be in your care. DM 11/02/14

The care I received was amazing! I have other issues that need taken care of and will definitely be back to your office to gen them seen to! LJ 11/1/14

Great service! VM 11/1/14

You and your staff did an excellent job!!! NC 10/24/14

Appreciated the follow up phone call from Dr.Miller. EH 10/24/14

I thought Mr Miller and staff were wonderful! I wish more Dr’s offices worked this way. Very pleasant! I would come all the time but I want to keep my teeth. CB 10/23/14

I was terrified coming in to get my wisdom teeth removed. The staff eased my nerves and made this experience one that wasn’t bad at all. I appreciate all the staff at Dr. Miller’s office. JC 10/19/14

I would like to thank you Dr. Miller and your staff for being so professional but yet warm and so kind. Thank you for the check up call Thursday evening by Dr. Miller. JP 10/19/14

Excellent job. I have very poor teeth and gums. First time I was ever put to sleep for extractions. Was in a great deal of pain with one tooth. Everyone was very careful and made a very nerve racking experience for me much better. Thank you. PA 10/18/14

The view was fine. The music was acceptable. Personnel pleasant and cheerful and friendly. I only wish I’d spent more attention to the names of your personnel. You all did a commendable job quick and almost painless. The recovery was also painless, very little bleeding, no pain killer needed, and the follow up phone call from Dr. miller was exceptionally thoughtful. Indeed you offer “the highest quality of care”. GS 10/18/14

I felt very cared for. Especially when Dr. Miller called at night to check up on me. I appreciated it. Thanks I also liked to be able to see out the windows, while on the operating chair. It was relaxing. MZ 10/17/14

Dr. Miller was very kind and respectful. I could not have asked for better care. I will recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Miller. SD 10/05/14

I am very satisfied with my entire experience at your office. I was nervous about having this procedure, but Trina did a fantastic job of setting my mind at ease on the day of the procedure. Dr. Miller did an excellent job removing my teeth. I was blown away by how little discomfort I had and the time it took to feel 100% again. Thank you very much! DC 10/05/14

Great Staff. Super friendly. Dr. Miller and Trina are great! MG 10/02/14

Very professional staff! SP 10/01/14

It was a pleasant experience overall, even if it involved me being drugged and cut open! I would recommend you to others! SP 10/01/14

It was so nice of Dr. Miller to call the evening following the surgery. LS 9/29/14

Everybody was as nice as could be. DS 9/28/14

I was put under and didn’t feel a thing during or after I woke up. RV 9/26/14

Made a difficult situation as good as possible. I like how Dr. Miller explained what he was doing as he removed the tooth. JL 9/25/14

Dr. Miller and his staff were so kind and caring. I would recommend him to everyone and I myself would not think of going any other place. LJ 9/22/14

We’re very pleased with you all. Thanks for your efforts! MW 9/21/14

Very good visit and great service. My hat off to you all and may God bless you. Have not had any pain that I thought I would have. SJ 9/18/14

Made a very scary experience very comfortable. DT 9/14/14

I really thought it was nice of Dr. Miller calling later on that same day I had the procedure done and asked how I was. AS 9/13/14

Dr. Miller is the best doctor I have ever had! No doctor but him has ever called directly to the patient to follow up on his care. SD 9/12/14

The staff in Dr. Miller’s office are wonderful. Everyone was positive and eased my fear. The pleasant atmosphere was comforting and Dr. Miller rocks!!! I am pleased with services and it was worth every penny. SH 9/12/14

Very pleased with how quickly we were able to be seen and surgery to follow up a few days later. Thank you! Your staff is A-MAZING! MA 9/12/14 MA 9/12/14

Dr. miller was extremely nice. He was very caring and nice person. The nurses were nice and also the office girls. Thanks for taking care of me! DG 9/6/14

Very compassionate physician and knowledgeable staff. RL 9/1/14

I really appreciate the professional treatment and personal care and concern shown by Dr. Miller and all personnel in the office. LQ 8/27/14

Always been taken good care of here. MB 8/25/14

Love how polite you all are! FP 8/25/14

Thank you for the great care. AS 8/22/14

It’s beautiful! I enjoyed the view from the room while I waited. JB /17/14

Surprised but glad Dr. Miller called the night of the surgery. Really showed he cares. He asked if there were questions. He didn’t have to do this. CM 8/15/14

Thank you for making me feel comfortable. Blessing to you Dr. miller and all your staff. BH 8/15/14

I’m 77 years old and had a lot of surgeries but no doctor before ever called me at home to check on me. Thank you Dr. Miller. I’m getting along just fine. DR 8/8/14

Dr. Miller is the best. Would never go anywhere else. TT 8/8/14

Thank you for making me comfortable. MB 7/26/14

I could not have received better service. Everyone was very courteous and professional. DS 7/25/14

Very kind staff. The office is clean and happy 🙂 CM 7/23/14

Yes, thank you very much. It’s nice to have the tooth gone. DK 7/20/14

Had no problems. You guys are great! Thank you. MH 7/17/14

My care and your behavior and attitude were perfect. GC 7/17/14

One of the most caring doctor and staff I have ever encountered. I appreciate the prayers I know I received while going through all this. JK 7/12/14

I appreciated that Dr. Miller called a few days after my procedure to check in and ask about my recovery. LT 7/10/14

Everything was very satisfying. God bless! MF 7/10/14

I think your office is of exceptional design. I like to look at mother nature out of your windows. In addition, I like your color coordination throughout the office. FD 7/3/14

The office personnel was very friendly and professional. The nurse, I think her name was Heather, was great! And Dr. Miller, needless to say you are my favorite dentist. SP 6/30/14

I always feel well treated! Courtesy is second to none and the way the world should be. DS 6/26/14

You are all great as a team and could not treat a person any better or be more professional and never have I had a better dentist DDS, PSC than Dr.Miller. The most comfortable waiting room I have ever been in and the cleanest office and building. PN 6/26/14

The office experience was very pleasant and comfortable. SD 6/20/14

I was very happy with your services. I was 800 miles from home with a broken tooth. From the minute I walked in your door, until I left, I was comfortable. The staff was great. I left your office in a great mood, probably the first time I left a dentist office with a smile on my face. I even had pleasure paying my bill. Now, I know that was the first time. DL 6/19/14

Everything was top notch. If I didn’t have to have a tooth pulled, I would really enjoy visiting with you all. Thanks a heap. AD 6/19/14

Dr. Miller was very nice and he walked out to the office with me. AW 6/16/14

It is no surprise that everyone that I asked for recommendations directed me to Dr. Miller. In terms of finances, they were handled nicely but a notification of how much the insurance paid for the consultation would have better enabled me to deal with my flexible spending account. AB 6/16/14

Very much appreciate how office staff was able to get me in the next day. MO 6/15/14

Most professional and personable. We truly appreciated Dr. Miller’s phone call at 9:00 pm the day of surgery. GG 6/15/14

Thank you Dr. Miller and Trina for making my surgery as pleasant as possible. The level of care and consideration is outstanding. PR 6/13/14

Thank you Dr. Miller. I really like the way you do things. CH 6/8/14

Thank you for your kindness and compassion. It helped with anxiety. DL 6/7/14

Always a comfortable experience. My fears are always relieved. BH 6/6/14

Dr. Miller my visit was wonderful, after my other visits to the dentist. You made me feel safe and comfortable and answered all my questions. SG 6/3/14

I like the way the Dr. explains the things we need to know. IG 6/2/14

It was very kind of Dr. Miller to call and check on me. SR 5/31/14

Trina was great. A good person and a great nurse! JW 5/26/14

Very happy with Dr. Miller calling after surgery to see how I was doing. First time ever a doctor called me! Will recommend Dr. Miller to anyone needing oral surgery. 🙂 WB 5/25/14

I’m usually very nervous before dental work but thanks to Sara and Dr. Miller. Best experience I’ve ever had. AJ 5/23/14

Very courteous and professional. TR 5/19/14

I would definitely get treatment done here again, even though I hope that I don’t have to 🙂 CY 5/18/14

Very nice Dr. and staff. Very nice and clean office. Would definitely recommend. CM 5/18/14

I felt extremely safe and well cared for the entire procedure. LS 5/17/14

Thanks for your kindness. ID 5/16/14

Most people are scared of going to the dentist. I want to thank each one of you for your consideration and thoughtfulness. The atmosphere is very homey. As soon as you walk in some tension gone. Everyone was so great it is almost like a place to visit to be with truly caring people. Again thank you all so much. NR 5/15/14

I was very pleased with everything. CW 5/11/14

Very satisfied! JM 5/12/14

Everyone was very helpful to make me as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. I appreciate all the care I was given. BM 5/10/14

Everything was A-OK- very comfortable. MS 5/8/14

I appreciate everything that was done for me. MW 5/1/14

The experience went 100% better than I expected. No swelling, no pain pills, and very little bleeding! Thanks so much. PF 4/21/14

Great job. Entire staff top to bottom was very kind, friendly and professional! Thank you! MH 4/20/14

Expensive but I would pay it again to feel better and get my teeth together. God bless, thanks to the entire team and Sara was great! BM 4/19/14

Whoever the surgical tech was was very nice. Thank you. ML 4/17/14

Dr. Miller thank you for showing me having dental work done isn’t so scary. MH 4/12/14

I will return if I ever have need for your services again. I was very impressed and grateful for the care given by everyone. You should all be very proud. PR 4/11/14

I was very impressed that Dr. Miller took time to call Monday night and check on me. All the young ladies were very attentive and helpful. AD 4/10/14

Surgical techs are awesome. SJ 4/2/14

Everything was great. I would recommend anyone to visit Dr. Miller and staff for service. MP 3/28/14

I was very pleased and thankful with the way you had such a decent price. Things can be so expensive and you were very nice to deal with plus excellent service. For this and everything else we thank you. DP 3/21/14

Excellent experience in all aspects. PK 3/13/14

If I had to have this procedure done, then I went to a beautiful facility. It was a very good experience. PR 3/18/14

You do need some higher firmer chairs in the waiting room for the old folks. AP 3/10/14

I think you did everything you could. I had some pain, but you noticed and gave me more pain medication. SC 3/9/14

Yall are great! JC 3/8/14

I came do Dr. Miller in pain that I couldn’t handle. He took me in and took care of me durring the surgery. As I was home healing, I got a call from Dr. Miller and that touched my heart. I want to say thank you to each and everyone that helped me. And may God continue to be a blessing to each person you help. Thanks again! CB 3/8/14

This is the first procedure of any kind that Ryker has ever had and Sara made everything easy. She was amazing and eased the nervousness that he and I had. RG 3/2/14

Thanks for being so nice to me. BW 3/2/14

Tell Dr. Miller I haven’t had any pain! Thank you very much. RM 3/1/14

I was very impressed and happy with my entire experience and also amazed that Dr. Miller actually called himself to check on me the following day!! That was above and beyond duty and I am extremely grateful. SB 2/25/14

I will highly recommend Dr. Miller. MS 2/24/14

Most of all I really appreciated the call to my home to see how I was doing. That was the first and I will always remember that. That lets me know you really care. SC 2/24/14

I thought long about each question trying to offer some suggestion that would improve my experience and there just wasn’t any. You all are now “My Dental Team”. LM 2/23/14

Everyone was so nice and courteous and Dr. Miller is the very full of kindness and compassion. RC 2/22/14

I could not have received better care or been happier. Thanks so very much. EL 2/17/14

Excellent care.Everyone was nice, respectful, answered all questions right away and in a way my son and myself could understand. I will definitely recommend Dr. Miller to everyone we know. Best dentist I’ve met. GB 2/17/14

Good place, very friendly people, and they took good care of me. TS 2/17/14

Dr. Miller and his staff made this experience as comfortable as possible. BM 2/13/14

Thank you for the excellent care. SL 2/10/14

Top Notch! RM 2/17/14

Best dentist office I ever walked into. I really felt cared for. DF 2/14/14

Dr. Miller and the technician were extremely patient and courteous during the entire procedure. Everything was explained to me and instructions were sent home with me. I really appreciated the call later that evening from Dr. Miller. I received excellent service. MM 2/10/14

Thank you for having patience with me. JB 2/7/14

My care with having my tooth pulled was exceptional. Dr. Miller and his staff was great. I really appreciate the call from Dr. Miller to see how I was doing. RT 2/7/14

Thank you to Dr. Miller and his staff. Also thanks to Dr. Miller for taking time out of his personal time to call the night after the surgery to check on me to make sure I was ok and not in pain. Dr. Miller is a fine Dr. and very compassionate and caring. JJ 2/7/14

I really appreciated the phone call the evening of my surgery. I didn’t have any questions or concerns but the gesture was unexpected and very thoughtful. Thank you to the whole staff. You were all great!!!

I appreciate the surgical technician giving me all of my teeth afterward! AH 2/3/14

I was very nervous until I was in the room. What made me comfortable was I was able to ask questions that were answered. I was no longer nervous when you were ready for surgery. JM 2/3/14

The most professional experience I’ve received in Hopkinsville. CM 2/2/14

Dr. Miller and staff were very professional and courteous. Thank you for showing much concern for me as a patient. WE 2/2/14

Very Good Job. WS 2/1/14

I was very pleased with the service I received at Dr. Miller’s office. I really appreciated Dr. Miller’s call to check and see how I was doing after I got home. CW 1/25/14

Great experience. Dr. Miller is a class act and his office staff and facilities are outstanding. GD 1/25/14

I really appreciated Dr. Miller taking time out of his busy schedule to call and check on me. Even though I did not speak with him, I really appreciated it. MH 1/20/14

I was comfortable and very pleased with the service I received from Dr.Miller and his staff. Thank you. LJ 1/14/14

I appreciate Dr. Miller calling himself to check on me. LD 1/05/14

Thank you for making me feel comfortable. I would recommend your services to others. CO 12/24/13

I appreciated the phone call from Dr. Miller later that evening after surgery. JT 12/17/13

Great service as always. This was my second time using your services and the staff is wonderful. Will highly recommend to others. SM 12/16/13

Impressed that Dr. Miller took his time the evening after the appointment to call. We have had office staff and nurses call, but to my knowledge never before the doctor. Thanks for your concern. TB 12/16/13

I did really well. I appreciate your very good care of me. Thanks. LM 12/14/13

Great Dentist, love him-and happy that he called 2 days later to check on me. He didn’t have an assistant call. HH 12/14/13

It would be kind of nice if there was a tv set in the waiting room especially for the family waiting during a procedure(long waits).CM 12/9/13

My right cheek got a hard painful lump and redness about 4 days after surgery. But after keeping it warm day and night it cleared up on its own, after a few days. Thank you for your service. Am I ever glad to have those wisdom teeth gone!

Just from the first visit, a pleasant experience and through the procedure. Clean and comfortable environment and knowledgeable, skilled, and caring staff. Very detailed and they took the time to explain the procedure and aftercare. I like not feeling rushed by doctors. JG 12/06/13

Thank you Dr. Miller for calling that evening at home. It shows that people still care. LWH 12/05/13

The best DDS, PSC I have ever been to. SG 12/05/13

I loved all the staff. DO 11/30/13

The reception area and the patient rooms seemed to be spotless! Everyone and everything was very professional! BH 11/21/13

Everytime I come to Dr. Miller, he and everyone in the office is amazing and treats us with the upmost respect and explains everything in great deal in terms that myself and my child understands. Dr. Miller made my daughter feel comfortable and eased her anxiety. And he cares for his patients and thats rare nowadays. KV 11/21/13

Top of the line. Had great care and attention. A+. CC 11/21/13

After a 4 day toothache, I very much appreciate Dr. Miller taking me in on the 5th day. I didn’t want to bother my dentist over the weekend and his day off. I would love to call Dr. Miller directly if ther is a “next time”. MH 11/17/13

It was very nice and throughtful that Dr. Miller called to check how I was doing after the extraction. ST 11/15/13

I saw Dr. Miller some years ago. He is a very good dentist. I feel comfortable with his work. He is fantastic. Thanks to Dr. Miller and staff. HE 11/9/13

Everyone was great! Thank you Mr. Miller for your help! God bless you for taking my pain away!!! 🙂

I’ve been to Dr. Miller 3 or 4 times. He has always impressed me with his knowledge and demeanor. I especially liked the follow up call. The office is immaculate also and thats a big thing with me. LA 11/03/13

I am a large man. The chair was too small for me. A larger chair would be nice. PB 11/3/13

Very pleased with the entire experience. Sorry I am unsure which ladies assisted me during office visit. I appreciated the follow-up call from Dr. Miller. ST 11/1/13

I was concerned about the anesthesia and Dr. Miller helped reassure me that it would be ok- and it was. WM 10/29/13

My husband Wendell and I were very satisfied with our service by everyone. Would highly recommend your office and Dr. Miller. WJ 10/27/13

I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again. JD 10/25/13

Thank you for making a somewhat scary experience not so scary. I greatly appreciate the kind heartedness you and your staff has towards your patients. May you be blessed in all you do. MS 10/18/13

I always recommend Dr. Miller when someone says they have to have a tooth pulled. I love him!! EG 10/28/13

Waiting room was very comfortable, color coordinated and thanks for the great treatment. BG 10/25/13

I really appreciated the follow up call from Dr. Miller. I have never received calls from any other doctors. This meant a lot to me. KC 10/21/13

I was very nervous about the procedure, but the friendliness of the staff and the calmness of everyone made it easier. TM 10/19/13

Very pleased. I don’t want any other dentist to touch my mouth or teeth except Dr. Miller. His staff are wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone. SC 10/17/13

I thought the whole staff and Dr. Miller were so nice to me and my son. I have not had one pain from any of it. I am doing very well. DS 10/11/13

Very professional! WC 10/11

I appreciate Dr. Miller calling that night to see how I was doing. TE 10/7/13

You all were very nice, and I love you for being so sweet and nice. Thanks for not charging me as much as I expected. LM 10/4/13

I will recommend your office to anyone I know that needs it. RW 10/03/13

Dr. Miller is one of the kindest, most gentle, and considerate MD I have ever met. He takes a personal interest in his patients. Thank you. RL 9/26/13

Dr. Miller is not only a good surgeon, but a very nice man! GM 9/26/13

Wonderful experience! I would recommend Dr. Miller and his staff to anyone. I was in a lot of pain when I called the office to see when the next available surgery date was. After speaking with the receptionist she called me right back and offered me an earlier appointment and went ahead and gave me a surgery date! From start to finish my whole process took one week! That was amazing! On the day of surgery every person I came in contact with throughout the office made me feel comfortable. I am a nervous patient and for me to feel comfortable says a lot. It was the best experience that I could have hoped for needing to have all my wisdom teeth removed! Great office, wonderful staff and an exceptional doctor!!! Thank you for everything you do for your patients! It truly does make a difference! LR 9/26/13

I will recommend your office to anyone who is looking to find and oral surgeon. WW 9/17/13

I was very pleased with the care I recieved in Dr. Miller’s office. Thanks again! JB 9/22/13

Thank you all for the great care!/ AH 9/8/13

1st.. your office is the nicest and most comforting office I have ever been to. 2nd..The treatment I recieved was extremely comforting and gentle. The whole experience was very stress-free.

I couldn’t have asked for better care that what I got! DK 9/3/13

I am doing as well as a person can that had a tooth pulled. I took two pain pills a day. I am well pleased how you did everything and helping me to decide what to do with my tooth. Thank You! SB 9/2/13

Dr. Miller called me the evening of my surgery to check on me! Very thoughtful and meant a lot to me. LM 9/1/13

Dr. Miller and his staff have exceptional skills, good bedside manner, make their patients feel at ease, and comfortable. Thanks to each one of you! TD 8/26/13

I tell everyone that this is the place to come if you need this type of work done. Thank you for helping me. JW 8/25/13

I had a very good experience with you and your staff. SF 8/23/13

I would like to comment how clean and professional everyone was. It was a very nice office and the employees were excellent! I will definitely recommend this office to others. BC 8/22

My experience was very relaxing and comfortable and I’m very greatful for the professionalism, courteous, knowledgeable, and experience of all the members at this facility. GM 8/22

You all did very well. I was as comfortable as I could be. DM 8/22

Everyone was very informative. Your office shows care and compassion. BR 8/17/13

Everything from start to finish was excellent. A team of professionals and a great doctor. RR 8/16/13

Your office was not just clean and professional, but they were quick too. Love the Melissa and Doug train set in the lobby. DB 8/13/13

Everyone did a wonderful job. They were very nice to my son and I appreciated Dr. Miller calling to check on him. He recovered quickly and everything went very smooth. Thank You. LL 8/11/13

I could not ask for better care. Dr. Miller and all members of his staff were above excellent and always answered all my questions. JP 8/10

Thank you for being so kind. AV 8/8/13

Great experience. You have  a great staff! LB 8/8/13

Some of my friends who had been patients of Dr. Miller had said “He is good”. I would say “he is very good”. I did so very much appreciate Dr.Miller’s follow up phone call the next day. BH 8/8/13

Dr. Miller and his staff are top of the line professionals! They all did an excellent job! Surgery went great. No complaints. I had the best care possible! Thank you very much! DR 8/6/13

Very professional. MK 8/02/13

Appreciate the call that evening just to check to see if I was alright. Shows how much you care for your patients. Thank you. CN 8/1/13

Very friendly. I loved that. DR 8/1/13

You make a dentistry appointment seem a lot easier. You make a person feel more at ease. TR 7/28/13

I was very cold. The blanket you provided was a nice touch. CM 7/26

Everyone in Dr. Miller’s office, including Dr. Miller are exceptional assets for this profession. I have been tramatized in the past being in the dentist chair. I’ve been to Dr. Miller twice and wasn’t tramatized at all either time. Thank you and may God bless you all. BM 7/25/13

From the dentist’s chair, while waiting, I could concentrate on the pictures hanging on the wall which calmed my dread somewhat of having my teeth extracted. In many offices you see these meaningless scribbles hanging in frames, which only confuse the mind, but these pictures had meaning and told a story. The story of how our parents and grandparents did their farming, and life was not so complicated and stressful back then. Without words, these pictures conveyed messages of honesty, hard work, peace of mind, and Godly living. EY 7/21/13

Dr. Miller and his staff were very nice, had a clean office, and treated me kind. That means a lot. JJ 7/18/13

Great job and amazing staff. JP 7/16/13

I like the way you did the stitches, no extra string hanging down, and everything was explained while it was being done. 7/14/2013

Loved it that Dr. Miller called to check up on me personally. Thank you Dr. Miller. SC 7/13/13

Dr. Miller-Thank you for making this experience comfortable. You also were concerned with my sugar level and my vital signs. You made me feel like I was in very good hands! JC 7/12/13

Give the surgical tech a raise. I was one for 35 years. I know behind the scenes. The doctors get the praise and the assistant gets the work. Dr. Miller was wonderful too, don’t get me wrong. Thank you all! JT 6/30/13

I think that Dr. Miller and the entire staff did a superb job. I felt like I had known them although it was my first visit. I felt very uncomfortable and in good hands. It’s always hard for me to go to a dentist anyway, but Dr. Miller is wonderful in my book. He has a very kind nature and explained everything in such a way I felt like I knew what was taking place each step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone. PG 6/27/13

Yea, you guys have a great outfit with great people! CH 6/27/13

We had a pleasant experience. My daughter was the patient. I was very apprieciative of the time taken to make sure her questions/concerns as well as mine, were addressed. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Miller called to check on her recovery. It was an unexpected but appreciated surprise. Thanks! AM 6/26/13

They did great. I was so scared and they made it a breeze. JS 6/25/13

Everyone did an excellent job. Thank you. GA 6/24/13

I would recommend Dr. Miller to anyone. LP 6/24/13

There was very little pain after my tooth was pulled and the healing was speedy. Good job folks!! AC 6/21/13

You were excellent. After having two teeth removed, I had no pain, no bruising, or swelling. Thank you. SR 6/21/13

They were perfect, acknowledged my fears, and made me feel safe and secure. BL 6/21/13

The staff was great! Everyone was very friendly and did everything they could to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. 6/20/13

Very nice of Dr. Miller himself to call and check on me after surgery. SW 6/18/13

From the time I arrived until the time I left I was treated with smiles, friendly faces, conversations, and most important an excellent doctor. CQ 6/5/13

Dr. Miller thank you so much for your kind and gentle way. I will always recommend you. The next day after surgery I had hardly any pain. If I ever need another tooth pulled I will come to you but I can’t handle being awake. Thank you so much for all the comfort you gave me. CS 6/7/13

You guys are great with the patients. Very nice and respectful. Very gentle and kind. Thank you so much. 🙂 PB 6/6/13

I really appreciate Dr. Miller calling and talking to me and asking how I was doing. That meant a lot! As a mom and nurse, the care exceeded the expectation. I will definitely recommend Dr. Miller to others. Thanks!   Anonymous

All of the staff were great. I was scared to death. Everyone was so kind and caring. It was a true blessing. From the front door to the back, you all are great, very caring, and a blessing. Thank you and God bless you all. JS 6/6/13

Overall an excellent experience from beginning to end. I couldn’t believe Dr. Miller actually called our home over the weekend to check-up. Awesome! MU 6/04/13

I have been in the office three or four times and have been comfortable and satisfied each of the times. IP 5/29/13

Thank you Dr. Miller for accepting me as a new patient. I appreciated the telephone call from Dr. Miller on Saturday morning to inquire as to how I was doing after the procedure. JA 5/29/13

Very comfortable. Would recommend Dr. Miller to anyone. In fact, I will. Thank you. LP 5/24/13

I could not ask for any better people to take care of me. They all were very nice to me. SL 5/24/13

I didn’t know I was out until I woke up. You all were awesome! DS 5/23/13

You all rock! Thanks for all you do! 05/12/13 BE

I appreciated the staff very much. MY 5/10/13

Dr. Miller always as usual, your home phone call was greatly appreciated. An excellent extra plus for you. Love and appreciate you as a doctor. JT 5/9/13

Very good experience. RJ 5-9-13

Great care as always, that’s why I will continue to be treated in Dr. Miller’s office when necessary. I also always recommend my friends and family to Dr. Miller. Thank You. JC 5-9-13

Thank you for great service and care. I will recommend your office to my dentist and my community. SL 5-7-13

I couldn’t have been more pleased. Top notch professionalism in all aspects. I felt safe! RM 5/7/13

You guys make an uncomfortable experience the best you can. I am also so thankful for your consideration when I had to cancel due to my husband being admitted to the hospital when I was first scheduled. Thanks for that. DM 5/7/13

Dr. Miller is a very great person, kind, and very caring. I have told everyone at work how great he is. You couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. I hope I don’t have to have another tooth pulled but if I do I want you to pull it. Thank you very much. 5/6/13 MT

I was very pleased with the work. Dr. Miller and his staff were very nice. I like that Dr. Miller called and checked on me. JG 5/1/13

Thank you Dr. Miller and staff. You were great! We pray God Blesses everyone there 🙂 AD 5/1/13

Thank you so much for the follow phone call on Saturday morning. It really showed you took the time to care for your patients afterwards! JP 4/31/13

You did everything perfect. My time there was great. Thanks. Your team is awesome 🙂 SA 4/30/13

My second extraction here, will come back if needed. KK 4/29/13

I wouldn’t go anywhere else-I trust you to give me your best suggestions and my care has been excellent. Thank You. MJ 4/26/13

I appreciate you taking me in as soon as possible. Thank you. JH 4/25/13

I am very confident and satisfied with the treatment by Dr. Miller and his staff. And yes, I will have to come back and I will not be afraid then. Thank you, Dr. Miller, for your care and concern for a patient. SL 4/25/13

Dr. Miller and staff-very caring-thank you. RE 4/25/13

I would highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone. He caters to cowards like me. He is awesome! LW 4/25/13

Because of the quality of your care and service is the reason I have been a repeat customer of Dr. Miller. CH 4-24-13

I would tell anyone who needs a tooth out to come see you. I was very impressed with the care I got and the nurse which I can’t remember her name was great as were all of you. CP 4/12/13

Dr. Miller and all those I encountered at the office were so nice and friendly, making the procedure a pleasant experience. JS 4/11/2013

Very good and kind service! BL 4/11/13

Thanks Dr. Miller, you are always a pleasure to speak with and get down to the task at hand quick and clean. MB 04/10/13

I was kind of scared at first but yall made me feel better. Thanks alot. SD 04/09/13

Everything at your office was very good. Everyone was very nice and respectful. Thank you all so very much. BW 04/05/2013

You guys are a great team of caring professionals. 04/05/2013

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. SS 04/05/2013

As much as I do not like dental visits that contain work done that make me very nervous, I was pleased the nerves didn’t last long! I was very comfortable with something placed over my eyes so I couldn’t see what was taking place. It was a very quick procedure and I was very pleased. Thank You! 4/1/13 WC

Outstanding office personel across the board. For surgery, a pleasant excellent experience. TF 03/26/2013

I know going to a specialist is different but everyone in your office was so kind plus Dr. Miller is great. He makes you feel like you have no problems at all and he helps make you feel better and tells you everything he plans to do step by step. That is great. He keeps asking you if you are ok when he is cutting the tooth out. TA 03/29/2013

Dr. Miller and his staff were outstanding! Couldn’t have asked for better care and understanding. Thanks for all you done! MM 3/21/13

Everyone was very professional and smiling and very knowledgable. TH 3/21/13

Dr. Miller’s follow up call was very unexpected but very much appreciated. He is a fantastic Dr. and he will be the first one I call if I ever need to again. JB 3/21/13

Dr. Miller is an excellent Dr. Will recommend him to others. Thanks so much for everything. CR 03/20/2013

Each person was very kind and willing to listen. My first time for a tooth extraction and I was just a little uneasy but everyone made me feel comfortable. BS 03/19/2013

Dr. Miller called me at 8 pm that night to find out if I had any problems. I thought that was very caring. All the staff was very professional. CO 3/14/13

This was a smooth process although I barely remember leaving! 3/14/13

The conversation we had just about family and everyday life calmed me. Made me feel very comfortable. 3/11/13

Very satisfied with the service and if needed again, I’ll be back and will tell others about your service. Have a blessed day. CH 3/11/13

Dr. Miller, you and your staff are very professional. It was a pleasure visiting with you. Your paintings are very beautiful? Joe 03/07/2013

I feel very comfortable in your office. i know my issue is very important to all involved. Courtesy and communication are at an elevated standard. The follow up telephone call is greatly appreciated and supports my positive experiences. DS 3/5/13

Thank you all so much! You treated me with kindness and respect at all times and I truly appreciate it! MW.03/11/2013

The care my daughter received was excellent! Great and caring staff! SR 2/27/13

Absolutely nothing could have made me more comfortable. No pain during or afterward. Easiest and fast healing on a removal. BEST SURGEON EVER! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Thanks. Everyone was very courteous and helpful. It was on experience I wasn’t looking forward to, but turned out to be very non tramatic. RG 2/25/13

I would like to thank you for the post surgical call asking about my recovery. Very thoughtful. JG 3/7/13

Everyone was especially nice to us. We are completely satisfied. OBD 2/22/13

Really appeciated the total experience. Everyone was very kind and professional! CW 2/22/2013

Was very pleased how he listened to me especially when I started feeling bad. 2/21/2013

Thank you for your kindness and awesome work. KY 2/21/13

I thought your service was great. All of your staff was friendly and nice. Dr. Miller was nice and friendly. He got the tooth the best he could and didn’t hurt that much. It was a pleasure being in your office. May God Bless you all. BW. 02/18/2013

Thanks Dr. Miller. You’re a great dentist and have a great team. EP 2/15/13

Excellent environment, very professional staff. GH.02/14/2013

Thank you very much for working me in on the same day I called. From A-Z, everything went great. Thank you all, and Dr. Miller, I have had no pain and seem headed for a smooth recovery beyond reason. Glory to God. WB 2/14/13

Greatly appreciate the follow up call the evening after surgery from Dr. Miller. Shows his care and concern. 2/12/13

I was impressed that Dr. Miller took the time to call us later that evening to check on Dallas. That really meant a lot to me. SM.02/08/2013

Dr. Miller is a very humble man. When asked how he was doing, he said blessed!!! And he is.

Dr. Miller is a great surgeon/dentist and great staff. Highly recommend 🙂 DC 2/5/13

He is just a wonderful dentist. My daughter liked him when she had to have her wisdom teeth out. JB 2/5/13

Dr. Miller and staff were wonderful! We appreciate how well they treated our daughter and her care. RS 2/15/13

I really appreciated the call from Dr. Miller checking up on me. Made me feel comfortable in my choice. CM 2/4/13

Having a tooth surgically removed was a new experience for which I dreaded but it immediately calmed and I can say the whole time from the nice and cheerful ladies at the front desk to your sweet and caring assistant made me feel quite at ease as well as your gentle manner. My thanks to your whole staff. If I ever have another tooth pulled, I will find my way back to you. 02/04/2013

I was very pleased with the care that my son received. Thank you each one very much! TC 1/25/13

Dr. Miller, I can’t remember names but everyone on your staff were very professional and treated me very kindly. I would recommend you to any of my friends. RP 1/21/2013

Yall are very professional. Yall explained everything in a way to make me comfortable and less nervous. I will always come to yall if I need any kind of oral surgery!!! Thank You. TF 01/16/2013

The day after my tooth extraction, I experienced no pain or swelling. Very satisfied with the whole ordeal. Thanks again for the service. 1/15/13-higgins.01/15/2013

We wouldn’t trust anybody else with our little girl. EVERYBODY treated us, and our daughter with respect. Thank you for making us all feel comfortable. CH.12/05/2012

I will tell others about you. If I need any more work, I will come back to you. BM.11/15/2012

Although I am always apprehensive about dental work, my experience could not have been better. Thanks so much for the excellent care. BF.11/12/2012

Appreciate the recliner in the waiting room. I would highly recommend you. ML.11/12/2012

I have never been treated so nicely with a dentist. I get really anxious and nervous. But, I was calm and felt good at the time of surgery. Trina was very polite as was Dr. Miller. They made it a very relaxing atmosphere. My husband was also very pleased with the way he was treated before, during, and after my surgery. AL.11/09/2012

Love the whole staff!!! JC. 12/18/2012

I think you guys are great, professional, and were very helpful. I’m glad I visited your office. CA. 11/21/2012

Dr. Miller himself called our home later in the night to check on Lancey. He asked several questions from myself and my husband. I was very impressed. LBC 11/02/2012

Dr. Miller and staff were very helpful and knowledgable and explained everything to us before our daughter’s surgery. Oral surgery is not fun but they made it as comforting as possible. We thank you. RTM.10/17/2012

The care you get at Dr.Miller’s office is above any care you receive somewhere else. Dr. Miller and all the staff could not treat my husband Tommy and myself any better. This is what we wish you could receive anywhere you go. This personnel is very kind, considerate, patient, and it makes surgery occasions to be good every time. We are always pleased with everyone. AC. 10/15/2012

Most of those I know who have had their wisdom teeth removed have suffered discomfort for some time after the procedure. I suffered no soreness or swelling whatsoever. Obviously, good fortune was on my side, but most of that was due to the skill of Dr. Miller. FE 09/28/2012

Dr. Miller and all the ladies, thanks for making what could have been an ugly experience a painless procedure.  Thank you!  CM 09/25/2012

I am very much appreciate the fact that Dr. Miller called personally and checked on me. You don’t find that anywhere else. Everything SUPER. Hope I don’t need to but if I do need another tooth pulled, I will be back. BP. 08/27/2012

I was very pleased with the way things were handled. Dr. Miller is a very pleasant and caring person. Very satisfied with the work and appreciate the follow up call. YK 08/22/2012

Excellent job by everyone. It’s too bad that other doctors do not have the high standards that your staff and you showed me. DD. 08/27/2012

Dr.Miller and his staff were all fast and efficient. Anishea in particular was extremely kind and patient with my son and considering my son is only four, that’s quite an accomplishment. The entire staff were also very courteous to both myself and my son. I especially like knowing that there is a 24 hour call service available. My experience is beyond satisfied and Dr. Miller and his staff are absolutely stellar. AL. 08/20/2012

Once again, we found this to be a top-notch oral surgical office! The staff is very professional, yet everyone gets treated like family. Thank you so much for the excellent care. NS. 08/20/2012

Couldn’t have been nicer!  Everyone was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, great with our insurance (I didn’t have to handle it).  Recovery room was nice and private.  Did a great job hellping my son feel comfortable (I’ve never stayed with the kids that long in preop).  He had the smoothest recovery after wisdom teeth of any member of our family.  He never got sick!  It was a wonderful experience!  PR  7/26/2012 

Overall level of customer service:  STELLAR, or Scale of 1-10 (10 is best):  STRONGEST 10.  I feel qualified in my ability to measure the “level of customer service” after my 28 1/2 years of AAFES (BX) experience.  My experience was across the entire spector, 4 star and ambassador level, including spouses.  RMD  7/12/2012  P.S.:  Dr. Miller, thank you for your military service to our country.